Dismantle In Front Of People And Destroy It From GYNOID Doll Machines

Can provide their own services for a sex doll

This video shows the harsh reality of the sex doll rental company cleanup process. Jason said: A customer broke the doll’s back. I don’t even know how that is possible. He acknowledged the money and bought the doll. But usually wear is not too bad. In fact, the biggest wear is their fingers and hands.


We have a doll that is about to retire because of a scratched knee. Someone must have dragged her onto a rough surface. The life span of our Japanese sex doll may be between four and six months. The Nat Doll in Calgary, Canada, has a collection of 12 female and one male statues that can be rented for two hours for £ 110, or £ 167 per night. The direct purchase of this service costs around £ 4,500, which saves a lot of money and has proven popular with customers who want to try before they buy. Since its inception three months ago, the company has grown explosively, and its demand is sufficient to open branches in Vancouver and multiple cities in the United States.


For a fire or ambulance, you will have to press the operator will respond no matter what is selected or not. “The launch of the new menu option is designed to provide faster and appropriate Pregnant sex doll help for those who need it.” In Belgium, 112 can be used to get help from an ambulance or fire brigade, said Minister of Security and Interior Peter Krem. You can use 101 to get help from the police. The two exchanges are different, and their processes are different.

The new menu makes selection easier and avoids call transfers between two numbers, which may delay emergency services intervention. The team waited until autumn, when turtles tend to flock to the bottom of lakes or rivers, and they mostly remain inert during winter. Turtles usually mate once at the beginning of the “wintering” period and then mate again at the end of winter, just before they leave on their own.


The team placed two male sex doll near one of these areas and fixed them on a common stand via underwater cameras to monitor all the activities they attracted. It took them nine days to put the doll in the water in the morning, then retrieve it again in the evening and record the footage of the day. Before the website changed, the website said that customers had to make an appointment-where they arrived, to meet with the host, pick a doll, choose a wig and clothing, and then escort you to a private room to serve you the time allocated.

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The next day, the sex doll website was updated and panicked: “We are not brothels! Sex robots are nothing new, and” coding errors “make people worry that they will kill their partners in action. In a few cases, dolls use normal trash In the end, he feared that passers-by might be scared to find the victim of the murder and cause panic.

According to Utopia News, many shrines and temples have held funeral funerals, and it is estimated that more than 2,000 dolls are sold in Japan each year. Japan’s human real sex doll company is now seeking cash from three sets of funeral packages, starting at £ 200. The most basic is a joint funeral, and the service is for some dolls. For just £ 350, you can provide your own service for a doll.


The most expensive package at £ 630 is called the “Doll Angel” funeral plan. When service personnel remove it in front of them and remove it from the GYNOID doll machine that would destroy it, it enables the owner to accompany it to the processing facility after the service is over. Each plan comes with a certificate and commemorative photos and videos. This is a dirty job, but someone must do it.



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